The Sir Bani Yas Challenge

 Mar 29 2018,06:00 AM

This fun outdoor adventure event features a 10km run, 37km mountain bike route and 3km kayak course designed to challenge the athlete and provide a fun experience for everyone that enjoys outdoor activities.

Fitness Level Required? Open to all incl. families (12+)

Expected Participants: Min 200 to Max 500

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  • The island is about 180 KM from Abu Dhabi (straight line) and about 270 KM from Dubai (straight line).

  • Buses will be provided from Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the participants to go to Sir Bani Yas once they register.

  • From Abu Dhabi it is about 2.5 hours to Jebal Dhanna Ferry point From Dubai its about 4 hours to Jebal Dhanna Ferry point From Damam/Khubar it is about 5 hours to Jebal Dhanna Ferry point

  • The ferry ride is about 30 minutes and it is included as part of the package.

  • Yes you can, you just need to let us know in advance so we book you a seat on the ferry. People on the bus will be automatically booked on the ferry. If you are driving from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you’ll want to take highway 11 heading toward Al Ghuwaifat/Saudi Arabia border and take the turn toward Jebal Dhanna and all the way to the Sir Baniyas Island ferry. This is where you can park your car. From there, you will take the passenger ferry to SBY. If you are driving from Khubar/Bahrain you head toward UAE border. Once you pass the border you are on highway 11 heading toward Abu Dhabi. You will take the Jebal Dhanna exit and then head towards the Sir Baniyas Island ferry.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t. Transportation and logistics to the island are difficult, so we will provide everyone with kayaks and mountain bikes.

  • The package includes food and camp. Bringing your own energy bar is OK but you will not be allowed to cook/light a fire in the camp.

  • The answer is No, ferries from Jebal Dhanna to SBY island will be no operating Friday morning, and therefore you can not make it to the challenge.

  • 12 years old is the minimum age

  • There are 5 exit points along the challenge course, the 5 exits points are at the following markers: 1. 6 KM point (biking segment) at Al Yamm resort 2. 12 KM point (biking segment) at Desert Island resort 3. 26 KM point (switch from biking to running). You will have to wait for the shuttle to take you to Al Sahil resort and it could take time. 4. 36 KM point (switch from running to biking) at Al Sahil resort 5. 47 KM point (switch from biking to kayaking). You will have to wait for the shuttle to take you to the Sir Bani Yas Camp and it could take time.

  • You are responsible for your child under 18 years old, so you will have to exit with them if they decide to exit.

  • You will have to wait to be transported back to camp and will be counted as not completing the challenge.

  • Exiting outside the assigned exit points is for emergencies only. If you are tired and you don’t want to continue, you will have to make your way to the nearest exit point. The emergency response team will only react to medical conditions or injuries.

  • Yes, there will be a medical team along the challenge path to respond to any emergencies.

  • The earliest you can return to camp is 2 PM. You can spend your time at any of the 3 resorts on the island, Al Yamm, Desert island or Al Sahil before that time.

  • That will be dependent on the hotel availability and timing and we have no influence on it. It will also be at your own expenses and is not covered as part of the challenge package.

  • There will be a support truck with extra bikes, it will slow you down a little but we will hopefully manage to get you a new bike soon.

  • Upon your registration, you will receive a special rate code for booking your Friday night at one of the resorts. This is based on availability of rooms and we have no influence over it so please make your arrangement prior to the event. Please note that availability is limited. The team will not be able to help you with booking. If you don’t have a booking confirmation with you, you will be asked to leave the island after the completion of the challenge on Friday night.

  • Transportation is NOT provided Saturday, and you will have to arrange your return with the hotel.

  • The journey back will take 3-4 hours to AD and about 4-5 hours to Dubai. Expect a late-night return depend on what bus you will be catching.

  • The earliest bus will take off at 6 PM on Friday which means participants who wish to take that bus will miss dinner and the awarding ceremony.

  • Yes, there are bathrooms and showers available at the camp. They are public and available for all the participants, so you may have to wait in line to use them, please be patient.

  • • For the challenge we recommend sportswear/synthetic shirts • For the challenge we recommend trail running shoes and NOT HIKING BOOTS. • For the camp we recommend you bring the following: i. Sleeping bag ii. Change of clothes for the dinner on Friday. iii. Sandals for walking around the camp iv. Hat and sunscreen v. Towel and shampoo/soap. vi. PJ to sleep on Thursday night. vii. Power bank charger for your devices. viii. Swim suite (The camp is on the beach).

  • Yes there is good coverage around the island. Some blind spots along the trail will have weak or no signal but for very short distance.

  • Drone filming is not allowed on the island without prior permission. So the answer is NO unfortunately.